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Yearly Archives - 2023

The importance of installing guardrails before winter

With December just a few days away, snow is upon us! Now is the time to think about installing guardrails. These devices ensure the safety of occupants of an industrial zone. On high sites, they are even more important to avoid a fall or slip. The risks are greater in winter. Find out why you should install it before the cold sets in. Also learn more about our new guardrail. (more…)

Moving up a gear in accident prevention

Intelligent Proximity Detection Systems or SIDP are advanced technologies that are revolutionizing industrial safety. They are designed to detect dangerous situations and prevent collisions by issuing precise alerts. At Solutions Prox-Secur, we offer the SIDP Proximity solution from Laserglow. Learn more about this technology. (more…)

Hot weather is coming, discover the Delta Prevention ladder kit

Winter is almost behind us! What a pleasure to find warm weather after this long period of freezing cold. It is also with impatience that we are preparing to welcome the summer season which is coming soon. At Solutions Prox-Secur, we are going to introduce you to the Delta Prevention ladder kit at the beginning of June, which announces the return of the sun and sunny days. (more…)

Line projector VirtuaLine SWITCH

The VirtuaLine SWITCH floor line projector is a durable and cost-effective safety solution to consider in order to limit the risk of accidents and harmonize traffic within an area where pedestrians and forklifts cohabit. Currently patent pending, this device combining practicality, profitability and adaptability is the most recent model of virtual line projection equipment from the brand. (more…)

Laserglow will be present at ProMat

At Solutions Prox-Secur, we offer equipment intended for the prevention of collisions in warehouses, manufactured by the famous brand Laserglow, of which we are the exclusive distributor in Quebec. For 2023, the manufacturer will have a be at ProMat which will take place in March. Find out the details. (more…)

Sustainable development at SPS, a company of the Canado-Nacan group

Sustainable development can be defined as the set of measures put in place to meet the current needs of humans while ensuring that those of future generations can also be satisfied without problems. As part of a sustainable development project, it is essential to consider the impacts of activities on three inseparable dimensions, namely society, the environment and the economy. At Solutions Prox-Secur and within the Canado-Nacan Group, we measure the importance of development and make sure to contribute to it, at our level. (more…)