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We are celebrating the 5th anniversary of Solutions Prox-Secur!

We are celebrating the 5th anniversary of Solutions Prox-Secur!

We are celebrating the 5th anniversary of Solutions Prox-Secur!

This year 2023, we celebrate our 5 years of existence! 5 great years of service thanks to all of you. We would not have come to this without your support and trust. We hope that we will continue to move forward together.

Thank you for everything!

First of all, we would like to express our gratitude to you. Customers, suppliers or collaborators… we are aware that all of you are the driving force behind our company.

Dear suppliers, thank you for trusting us and allowing us to distribute your products.

Dear customers, thank you for purchasing your industrial security solutions from us and for recommending us to those around you. Your many positive testimonials warm our hearts every time.

Dear collaborators, thank you very much for all the efforts you make day after day to offer the best services to our customers.

Every day, you allow us to remain faithful to our vision which is “To aaccelerate the transition of companies towards an improvement in optimal health and safety. »

We hope to have the opportunity to go a long way with you!

These first 5 years of service, partnership and collaboration have been very fruitful. We sincerely want to move forward and evolve together for the next 5 years… and more. We will do everything for this.

We would like, on occasion, to share with you the values that we promote within the company:

  • Trust and respect, whether in our relationships with our suppliers, our employees or our customers.
  • Continuous improvement in our services and products to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Partnership and teamwork at all levels.
  • Quality customer service to support our customers.

We offer a wide range of industrial security solutions!

We are always looking for innovative solutions and we can classify the industrial safety and health and safety solutions we offer into 4 main categories:

  • Collision avoidance devices within an industrial area or warehouse;
  • Fall from height prevention equipment
  • Employee protection devices
  • Industrial equipment protection solutions.

We invite you to visit the “Products” section of our website to find out details about each device. It is also possible to contact us directly by phone or email for additional information about our services.

Also, we now offer our customers peace of mind to help them make the transition to improving their optimal health and safety with a turnkey option for with our own installers who offer the electrical connection of the devices and machines.


Our goal is to rise to the rank of leader in the distribution of industrial safety and health and safety solutions. And we are aware, dear suppliers, customers and collaborators, that you are the key to our success. Thus, we reiterate our thanks for these first 5 years. It is thanks to you that we can celebrate our 5th anniversary this year. It was truly a pleasure working with and serving you! And may the next 5 years be even better!

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