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April 28: World Day for Health and Safety at Work

April 28: World Day for Health and Safety at Work

April 28 is World Day for Health and Safety at Work. This commemoration was established to remind governments, employers and the general public that everyone deserves to work in a healthy and healthy environment.

On this occasion, we would like to remind you that at Solutions Prox-Secur, we offer complete solutions to protect the health of employees and to guarantee their safety.

The benefit of creating a healthy and safe environment for workers

First, the law requires employers to take the necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of workers. In addition, employees who perform their duties in a healthy environment away from any danger concentrate better on their work, are more motivated and thus more productive.

Finally, by taking the necessary measures to avoid accidents at work, employers also limit compensation payments as well as absences related to injuries and convalescences. All this is beneficial for both employees and the company, especially financially.

Our solutions to ensure occupational health and safety

As mentioned above, we offer effective and innovative solutions to protect the health of workers and ensure their safety in Canadian companies. We classify the equipment to be used in this context into 4 main categories:

  • Collision prevention: This equipment has been designed to limit the risk of collisions between vehicles and passers-by within a factory, storage warehouse and any other industrial area. These are light projections, proximity systems or access control.
  • Prevention of falls from height: this equipment is used to limit, or even avoid, the risk of falling from height, whether in industrial areas or as part of an intervention on the roof. For this, we offer self-supporting guardrails, ladders (mobile or fixed), industrial stairs or even stepladders and scaffolding or platforms.
  • Employee Protection: We offer equipment to ensure worker comfort and protection such as anti-fatigue mats, stair nosings and more;
  • Protection of equipment: finally, we offer fixed or mobile devices intended to protect equipment within an industrial zone. Among them, we can cite, for example, machine guards, hinged doors, curved corners, telescopic sections, portable safety barriers or even personalized modular markings.

We invite you to visit our website and browse our online catalog to get an idea of the solutions we make available to you.

Good reasons to trust us

We work with trusted and reputable suppliers. Our wish is to offer solutions that meet your expectations and your needs. Our equipment is efficient, innovative and easy to use, adapting to changes within the company as well as to any changes.

Finally, you will find on our site the testimonials of customers satisfied with our services. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.


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