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Securing assembly lines following COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to claim lives around the world, although the situation is starting to be brought under control in some countries. This viral disease is indeed easily transmitted, especially through direct contact with certain bodily fluids or even the air. It is therefore important to ensure the protection of employees who work on the assembly line in product assembly plants. (more…)
Defender Cell - Cage de protection

Machine guarding : How to protect your employees ?

There will never be enough safety measures to protect your personnel. Numerous methods including personal protective equipment are used to protect employees collectively and individually, but what about the equipment? The Machine guarding ? All types of equipment can be hazardous to employees, cause injuries and lead to sick leaves and a decrease in productivity. (more…)
Prevention Collisions

Prevention of collisions: when productivity goes hand in hand with safety!

In this increasingly competitive world, all methods are good to continuously increase productivity. Did you know that the health and safety of your employees are directly related to this? Each year, many workplace accidents involving a collision are recorded. These incidents are still too frequent and should have been avoided using behaviors and equipment adapted to the environment. (more…)