Blue spot : how to prevent forklift accidents


Blue spot : how to prevent forklift accidents

The Blue Spot or Forklift Spotter will detect lift trucks and alert pedestrians of any lift trucks circulating within a limited visibility area.

The blue light diffuses an intense beam to alert employees who are located near a hazard area. The light has a luminous range of 10 to 20 meters.

Forklift Spotter: 3 Safety Signals

The Forklift Spotter has 3 ways of alerting pedestrians:

This intense 3600 light beam system creates a grid and increases visibility in any danger area!

Lack of attention in the warehouse = risk of collisions

Concentration, various equipment and lack of attention can be causes and risks of accidents. Wearing safety earmuffs, safety glasses and other safety accessories can lower the senses and therefore lead to collisions between vehicles and pedestrians inside the warehouse.

An efficient and adaptive solution for all lift trucks

The Forklift Spotter or Blue Spot can be installed in the front or rear of any lift truck whether it is equipped with a fork, a brush or any other industrial equipment. The Forklift Spotter is mounted to the vehicle using simple attachments.
Technical Information: the aluminum casing conforms to Standards IP67 and IP68 (waterproofing), polycarbonate lenses create a wider light beam (magnifying effect) and LEDs have a 50 000 hour operating life.
The Forklift Spotter from Solutions Prox-Secur has been approved by our clients working in various fields such as high heat, humid and refrigerated environments

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