Protection of employees

The Laserglow intelligent detection system

The Laserglow intelligent detection system

The movement of people and vehicles is essential on construction sites, depots, warehouses and factories. It is therefore essential to do everything possible to limit the risk of collisions. Whether between vehicles or between people. In this context, the Laserglow Intelligent Proximity Detection System constitutes an efficient and practical solution. Let’s take a quick look at this innovative tool available from Prox-Secur. (more…)
Zero tolerance: Work at height

Zero tolerance: Work at height

Workers in many sectors of our industry are highly exposed to the risk of falls from heights which can cause more or less serious and sometimes irreversible injuries. Employers must therefore take the necessary measures to guarantee their safety, in accordance with Canadian law. The country's authorities are adopting a zero tolerance policy for those who do not respect the imposed regulations: immediate cessation of work or even criminal prosecution.  

Measures to be taken to ensure the safety of workers working at heights

Here are the regulations to follow to limit the risk of work-related accidents.  

Install a guardrail

The guardrail is a piece of safety equipment used to delimit a work area at height, especially on the roof. It is designed according to strict resistance standards. In addition, it is mandatory to place warning lines in the event that it is necessary to remove part of the guardrail in order to continue the work. On-site evaluation by one of our EXPERTS available at all times (more…)
Promotion on floor marking tools for your premises

Promotion on floor marking tools for your premises

Industrial premises and warehouses are the scene of constant comings and goings. To better manage the flow of people and vehicles, it is essential to invest in ground marking tools. The installation of visual cues not only helps you to harmonize traffic flow in your premises, but also helps limit the risk of accidents. Prox-Secur is offering you a special promotion on these devices.


To end this year 2020 in style, Prox-Secur is offering you a promotion. By purchasing a Laserglow SafetyCast or Virtual Line LED virtual line projectors, you will receive a 10% discount on the second product. (more…)
Fighting COVID-19 with ProxSecur

Securing assembly lines following COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to claim lives around the world, although the situation is starting to be brought under control in some countries. This viral disease is indeed easily transmitted, especially through direct contact with certain bodily fluids or even the air. It is therefore important to ensure the protection of employees who work on the assembly line in product assembly plants. (more…)

Safe solutions designed for quick and easy installation

Safety in your industrial premises and on your sites is essential. It allows you to ensure the well-being, comfort and health of your employees, while contributing to their productivity. Are you looking for effective and innovative protection solutions for your work environment? Discover our range of seamless security fences and vestibules. (more…)

Efficient solutions to respect social distance – thanks to laser technology

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, but life must gradually resume. It is in particular essential that everyone respects protective measures in public places and at work, in particular by establishing physical distance. At ProxSecur, we precisely recommend laser technology for the implementation and compliance with this measure. (more…)

Our new social distancing barriers

During these times when business activities are gradually starting to resume, everyone is taking steps to respect the essential measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In this context, the social distancing barriers constitute an essential prevention and protection device. Thanks to these removable walls, each worker can work safely at his workstation and go about his business serenely. (more…)
Fighting COVID-19 with ProxSecur

Fighting COVID-19 with ProxSecur

At ProxSecur, a company belonging to the Canadian group Canado Nacan, safety is important to us. In this time of global health crisis, health and safety are more than ever at the heart of our concerns. So that your activities can continue in the right conditions, we offer products specially selected to properly control the movement of people in your premises. (more…)

Dangerous situations between forklift and pedestrian, risk factors and options to reduce them

A forklift is an essential lifting equipment for moving, transporting and transferring more or less heavy loads in a factory or a large storage place. Although essential to speed up work and optimize employee performance, they can be dangerous if there are no specific instructions and limits for their use. Particular consideration must be given to pedestrians coming and going, whose behaviour can sometimes be unpredictable. (more…)