Collisions with a forklift: a too frequent cause of accident

Collisions with a forklift: a too frequent cause of accident

Collisions with a forklift: a too frequent cause of accident

Prox Secur is a division of the Canado Nacan group which brings its know-how to the benefit of Canadian companies in order to improve health and safety in the workplace. As the new decade approaches, Prox Secur’s mission remains the same. In addition to ensuring the safety of goods and people, the solutions offered also contribute to the performance of the businesses supported.
Today, there is an event that too often causes accidents, namely the collision of a pedestrian with a forklift. As a specialist, Prox Secur supports you in preventing this kind of incident through various advice, ideas and recommendations, but also by providing you with cutting-edge security products and equipment.

The dangers of mismanagement around the forklift

Collision with a pedestrian is among the top 3 causes of fatalities related to a forklift. This is due to the fact that the risks of collision are numerous and vary depending on the work environment.

In addition, the forklift is a machine which moves constantly in an environment which also changes constantly.

The parking and traffic conditions of this machine and the environment in which it operates differ depending on the company and the context. The work planning is never the same, as is the layout of the premises. Note that the forklifts themselves are available in different versions.

Given the uniqueness of each situation, it is up to each company to put the right security measures in place. In particular, an efficient work planning is necessary and visibility must constantly be optimal. Finally, precise rules must be established and the risks must be known to everyone in order to better prevent accidents.

Prox Secur supports you in securing the premises and in setting up the best conditions to avoid accidents related to forklifts. Trust a professional for maximum protection of your property and your employees.

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