Efficient solutions to respect social distance – thanks to laser technology


Efficient solutions to respect social distance – thanks to laser technology

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, but life must gradually resume. It is in particular essential that everyone respects protective measures in public places and at work, in particular by establishing physical distance. At ProxSecur, we precisely recommend laser technology for the implementation and compliance with this measure.

How does laser technology work?

In terms of laser technology, ProxSecur offers two different types of solutions:

1) The first materializes in the form of an individual device which measures the distance between its wearer and any other individual. This emits a signal when two people are too close. It will then be necessary to move away from a reasonable distance.

2) The second solution is a transmitter which will broadcast a marking on the ground to indicate to people where they should stand. This encourages everyone to automatically follow the rules of physical distance.


Multiple benefits

Using laser technology is beneficial in many ways:

1) First, it is no longer necessary to place bulky barriers and partitions that limit visibility at each work station in the factories.
2) Secondly, it is possible to change the appearance of the projections on the ground in order to adapt to each situation and each location.
3) Third, these technologies have a lifespan of more than 30,000 hours, which makes them particularly economical in the long term.
4) Finally, laser technology is easy and quick to install.

For who ?

Laser technology easily adapts to crowded environments: be it in public places like shopping malls, supermarkets to easily manage waiting lines at checkout or in hospitals.

This solution is very useful in factories and offices as well as in warehouses because it allows you to gain considerably in space and efficiency.

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