Fighting COVID-19 with ProxSecur

Fighting COVID-19 with ProxSecur

Fighting COVID-19 with ProxSecur

At ProxSecur, a company belonging to the Canadian group Canado Nacan, safety is important to us. In this time of global health crisis, health and safety are more than ever at the heart of our concerns. So that your activities can continue in the right conditions, we offer products specially selected to properly control the movement of people in your premises.

Special vestibule for a controlled access

In order to respect social distancing, we now offer the Slocan vestibule to better control access to your premises. This device can be modulated according to your needs. You can then choose various options can be set up. The opening and closing are done via electromagnetic latches, activated either by a local button, a magnetic card or even remotely. The doors themselves are sliding and can be manual or motorized.

A portable barrier to ensure the security of personal exchanges

Always to ensure the protection of interpersonal exchanges, we have selected for you the portable freestanding frame from Slocan. This is in the form of a polycarbonate screen surrounded by a metal frame and provided with two openings used respectively for communication and document exchange. The implementation of this system makes it possible to secure all exchanges in a professional or commercial context.

Ground markings with Laserglow

For its part, Laserglow technology allows the floor to be laid out without having to use paint or stickers. Indeed, the marking is carried out with a projector which delimits the spaces. Note that the images broadcast can be personalized according to everyone’s needs and requirements, whether to indicate the mandatory distance in a queue or in the work areas in a factory.

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