Performing a smooth docking? Yes it’s possible with the right tools!

Performing a smooth docking? Yes it’s possible with the right tools!

Truck-trailer drivers can find it difficult to dock at a loading dock when visibility is poor, that is, in the early morning or at night. Fortunately, today there is modern equipment that allows precision docking under all circumstances. We give you more details about it in this article.

Laser devices for precision docking

Modern devices helping a smoothing your docking at loading docks are equipped with red or green lasers. These are used primarily to emphasize the inner and outer limits of trucking lanes in conditions where road markings are not clearly visible. It is possible to adjust the position of the projected line relative to the ground if necessary. In addition, the beams are safe for the eyes.

Why buy these devices?

As we have seen previously, these devices are practical and useful for performing precision docking at loading docks for truck trailers. This is important to avoid damage to the cargo due to a collision against the wall or any other support in the vicinity. Also, these lasers are essential to point drivers in the right direction in order to optimize worker safety. Finally, they considerably reduce docking time, especially at night or at dusk in the morning.

Special offer for the precision mooring system for a trailer truck

We are currently running a special offer for buyers of precision trailer truck docking systems. You benefit from a 20% discount for the 5th device purchased. Place your order through our site if you are interested or contact us for more details.
We also provide you with an experienced and qualified technical team for the installation of equipment around Montreal. Experts are also available if you want to assess the various potential problems about your loading dock. They will also give you valuable advice on the best possible solutions.

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