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Discover our Ladder Stabilizer System

Discover our Ladder Stabilizer System

Discover our Ladder Stabilizer System

Our Ladder Stabilizer System is an essential safety equipment to reduce the risk of falling from a height when you have to climb onto the roof for maintenance, inspection or cleaning routines and need to descend from it using a ladder. What should I know about this type of device and where to buy it?

What is a self-supporting temporary ladder stabilizer?

A telescopic ladder can slide along the parapet when going up or down if it is not properly secured, especially if the edges of the roof are wet from rain or snow. The ensuing fall could lead to more or less serious injuries or even death.

The self-supporting stabilizer for temporary ladders is precisely a device that avoids this type of accident by securing the ladder using specific and solid hooks. It is easy to install and does not require special and permanent work such as perforating the structure.

Which model of self-supporting stabilizer for temporary ladder to choose?

You will find many models of self-supporting stabilizer for temporary ladders on the market, but we recommend that you opt for the one from Delta Prévention. This is a Quebec brand that manufactures and markets high-quality, practical, free-standing guardrails that do not require perforation of the roof.

The Delta Prevention Self-Supporting Ladder Stabilizer has been developed in accordance with OSHA and CNBC standards. Particularly resistant to severe weather, rust and acidic environments, it is made from recycled materials and can be installed on all types of flat roofs, with or without a parapet. You can use it on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on your needs.

Where to buy a self-supporting stabilizer for Delta Prévention temporary ladder?

Prox-Secur offers the Delta Prévention self-supporting ladder stabilizer model in-store and online. As part of the Canada Nacan Equipments group, we provide you with many other temporary or permanent industrial and domestic security solutions.

Furthermore, we care deeply about your satisfaction, which is why we have chosen to put into practice the following values: trust, respect and continuous improvement.

How to request a quote?

We invite you to browse our online catalog to discover the convenient, cost-effective and high-quality security solutions that we offer. Then you can place your order directly on the site if you find a device that interests you.

You can also contact us directly by phone at 1-800-353-7557 for additional information on our products and services or send a message to info @ .


We recommend that you invest in a self-supporting temporary ladder stabilizer to secure access to your roof and minimize the risk of falls from heights which can be fatal. We remind you that the device is guaranteed for 10 years and that its use does not require perforation of the roof.

Do not hesitate to contact us or place your orders directly through the official website!

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