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Laser Glow: practical and innovative industrial safety solutions

Laser Glow: practical and innovative industrial safety solutions

Laser Glow: practical and innovative industrial safety solutions

Laser Glow is a line of technological devices intended to prevent collisions in an industrial environment or to help truckers dock at loading docks when visibility is poor. These laser systems and accessories are available from Prox-Secur.

What are the advantages of our Laser Glow solutions?

Laser Glow devices project light onto the ground to delimit a specific space or to alert trolleys to the presence of a pedestrian. But what are their advantages over conventional solutions?

Warning and limit visible at all times

The markings on the ground are sometimes difficult to locate, especially when visibility is poor. In addition, distracted people can easily miss them, which would increase the risk of accidents. On the other hand, the light diffused by a Laser Glow device is clearly visible, regardless of the level of interior or exterior lighting. This helps to limit the loss of time during the docking of a truck or to prevent collisions which can be fatal.

Easy to install and maintain

Installation of Laser Glow systems is quick and easy, unlike floor markings or tapes. Also, they do not require special maintenance such as washing or cleaning and their effect is not likely to wear off over time and passages as with regular markings on the ground.

Adaptable solution

The circulation plan in an industrial environment sometimes changes following renovations or the installation of new equipment and workspace. Laser Glow systems are an adaptable solutions that will save you a lot of work after an environment modification.

Some Laser gLow systems that we offer

At Prox-Secur, we offer Laser Glow systems for loading docks and industrial environments:

  • Virtual pedestrian walkway projection: the system projects virtual barriers to delimit the space reserved for pedestrian traffic.
  • Full pedestrian alley projection: the device projects light to fully mark the pedestrian area and is used to alert forklift operators when someone wants to cross the forklift aisle.
  • Projection of virtual signs: particularly useful at the level of intersections between a forklift aisle and a pedestrian aisle, this Laser Glow system broadcasts virtual signs to warn users of the space of a possible danger and indicate to them this that they should do.
  • Loading dock solutions: These systems broadcast laser lines to help truckers dock at dawn or in the evening.

To conclude

Laser Glow systems are more practical and sustainable solutions for harmonizing traffic in an industrial environment in order to avoid cart-pedestrian or cart-cart collisions or even to facilitate the docking of trucks in loading docks when visibility is poor. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our services and products. You can also view our catalog directly on our website and place your order directly online.

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