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Laserglow virtual sign projectors

Laserglow virtual sign projectors

Laserglow virtual sign projectors

At Solutions Prox-Secur, we sell projectors that effectively replace traffic signs, tapes or even floor markings in industrial spaces where the risk of collision between pedestrians and trolleys and between two trolleys is high. Discover the reasons why you should invest in this equipment.

The spotlights are more visible

Floor markings and lettering on panels tend to fade over time due to wear. Also, it is sometimes difficult to see the signs when the lighting is poor or when they are placed in a blind spot.

The floodlights, on the other hand, emit light signals that you can see from a distance of 70 m thanks to an LED bulb and an image lens. In addition, they are not likely to fade over time. Finally, you have the possibility of adapting the equipment to the circulation plan in the industrial space.

The projectors can be paired with motion detectors

The floor markings, signs and tapes are there all the time, so your eyes will get used to their presence over time. This is very dangerous since you risk forgetting them, which could cause serious accidents.

With a projector, the operation is different when it is paired with a motion detector. Indeed, the signals are triggered only when there is a risk of collision and thus arouse your vigilance. The detector is then said to be dynamic. In addition, it optimizes the life of the equipment.

Projectors are easy to maintain

You must regularly change the markings on the ground so that they remain visible or wash the tapes. This leads to superfluous expenses as well as a considerable loss of time in the long term since the route is impassable, at least during the intervention. Opting for a projector frees you from these problems.

Indeed, this type of equipment at the cutting edge of technology does not require any particular maintenance. In addition, it is enough to change the objective of the image or to move it in the event that the circulation plan in the building changes. Its installation is quick and easy.

Buy your signal projectors from us!

We work with the best brands to offer you quality, functional, modern and durable equipment to minimize the risk of collisions within your industrial space.

Our team of experts is also at your disposal to carry out the installations, if necessary. Finally, we can travel to assess the risks of collision related to the cohabitation of vehicles and machinery in your enclosure and advise you on the measures to be taken.

To conclude

We invite you to visit our website to see the floodlights and other safety equipment we offer. You can also contact us by phone, email or complete the online form to obtain additional information about our services or our products.

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