Our new social distancing barriers


Our new social distancing barriers

During these times when business activities are gradually starting to resume, everyone is taking steps to respect the essential measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In this context, the social distancing barriers constitute an essential prevention and protection device. Thanks to these removable walls, each worker can work safely at his workstation and go about his business serenely.

The advantages of our barriers

Delta Prevention barriers provide workers with isolation conditions that meet the rules of social distancing imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to these structures, each worker is optimally protected insofar as contact with other people is limited, minimizing the risk of contamination.

The partitions are suitable for factories, warehouses and garages where workers need some space to carry out their work. Note that these devices are easy to install and clean and let the light through once in place.


Technical specifications

The barrier structures are made of anodized aluminum, which makes them very light and easy to move. The rubber bases provide a stable contact surface while protecting the floor.

The transparent fabric is very resistant, and can stop UV radiation. Besides, it has fire-retardant properties ensuring maximum protection of the worker against fire. In addition, it resists scratches.


Some interesting options

Delta Prevention barriers can be extended with additional panels to provide more space for each worker. The additional panel comes to fit at the end of the first barrier, offering 2 panels mounted on 3 bases.

There are also corner joints to obtain two barriers mounted on a right angle. Galvanized steel end caps allow aluminum structures to be embedded in it.

Finally, you can optimize the waterproofing of the fabrics as much as possible using Velcro strips installed on two different panels. You stick them together to obtain a perfectly hermetic structure.

To have the assurance of continuing your activities serenely, the implementation of prevention and security systems is essential. Contact Prox-Secur to discover the range of solutions that we have specially designed to deal with COVID-19.

Download the PDF (French only): Cloison de distanciation sociale – SPS – 050820

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