Prevention of collisions: when productivity goes hand in hand with safety!

Prevention of collisions: when productivity goes hand in hand with safety!

Prevention of collisions: when productivity goes hand in hand with safety!

In this increasingly competitive world, all methods are good to continuously increase productivity. Did you know that the health and safety of your employees are directly related to this?

Each year, many workplace accidents involving a collision are recorded. These incidents are still too frequent and should have been avoided using behaviors and equipment adapted to the environment.

CNESST who is responsible for standards and work safety is trying to solve this problem by implementing a prevention and awareness policy. Between 2007 and 2011, 3 652 workers were involved in lift truck accidents, that is nearly 2,5 accidents per day over the same period (CSST statistics).

Behaviors must evolve and companies must understand that the health and safety of their employees are essential to its productivity.

How can we prevent collisions?

First, we must analyze the conditions and identify the potential danger:
– Is visibility good everywhere?
– Which means are used to ensure the safety of employees?
– Are there sound and light systems in risk areas?
– Are there specific pedestrian and lift truck traffic lanes?

Anticipating dangers by demonstrating good behaviors and adapting equipment is key. We can help you achieve this.

We have the necessary knowledge with regard to safety innovation and technology and we have solutions to your collision problems.

PROXIPI, our high technology system, is what you need to ensure your safety. This innovative system will protect your employees from collisions.

PROXIPI® is a collision prevention system that alerts pedestrians (in danger) and the vehicule driver (in action).

Its BIDIRECTIONAL ALERTS allow each of them to react and take the appropriate measures to avoid accidents. Its exclusive technology (detection of magnetic fields without any incidence on the human body) makes PROXIPI® one of the most performing collision prevention solutions on the market, especially with its 360° detection range up to 15 m and its optimal efficiency even in a highly metallic environment.

We are offering 2 collision prevention solutions from PROXIPI®:
FIRST®: simple pedestrian detection with BIDIRECTIONNAL ALERTS (the pedestrian and the driver are alerted simultaneously).
FLEX® : pedestrian detection with BIDIRECTIONAL ALERTS and AUTOMATIC INTERACTIONS on the vehicle (i.e.: activation of speed reduction).

For more information, contact our team of experts who will identify your needs and suggest the best solutions according to the risks at your workplace.


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