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Classic Guardrail System

Delta Prevention offers non-penetrating roof guards to permanently eliminate the risk of fall from your roofs. This easy and rapid to install non penetrating system offers peace of mind to maintenance workers. They are designed to protect us all.

  • In accordance with CBNC, CNESST and OSHA standards
  • Ultimate resistance to rust, deterioration caused by rain, temperature changes and acidic environments
  • Can be installed on roof with and without parapets
  • 10 year warranty*
  • Made in Québec
  • Made of recycled materials


Our supplier DELTA PREVENTION is a Quebec manufacturer of guardrail systems that can be installed quickly, without perforating the roof and that do not require any certification.

The Prox-Secur Solutions team presents Delta Prevention:

It is a collective, permanent and economical protection against the risks of falling on your roof. It revolutionizes the world of fall prevention thanks to numerous modular and scalable combinations that comply with current safety norms.

garde-corps autoportantgarde-corps autoportant

Adaptability and a multitude of possible combinations. This collective security solution will protect your employees in the heart of the most at-risk areas areas, and above all, permanently.

Securing a place rather than individual security will eradicate the danger for everyone.

Here are some examples of DELTA PREVENTION products:

Guardrail System
Permanent SafetyLine
Ladder Stabilizer System
Guardrail for access hatch

Presentation of the VSS CLASSSIC guardrail:

In addition to installing a fall protection system, it is important to visually indicate to workers in which zone they can perform work at height without endangering themselves. A permanent warning line can be used to precisely delineate a safe work zone.

garde-corps autoportant

For this reason, there is also the warning line or permanent lifeline, which serves to delimit a visual protective perimeter between the working areas at height. This represents another protection system. Its presence is mandatory on certain sites to meet the provisions of the Safety Code for construction work.

Our team of experts is trained to evaluate your risk profile, analyze and understand your needs, in order to provide you with all the appropriate solutions.

Don’t be concerned about falls, and ensure safety for everyone.


Guardrail System (Flyer) : Brochure_VSS-Guardrail_0417_EN

Permanent SafetyLine (Flyer):DLT16005_flyer_safetyline_EN_V2

Ladder Stabilizer System (Flyer): Guardrail_for_roof_ladder_EN

Guardrail for access hatch (Flyer):Guardrail_roof_hatch_EN_11_2F17