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VirtuaLine™ THIN Line Projector

VirtuaLine™ THIN Line Projector

The VirtuaLine™ THIN Line Projector is a patented LED light fixture that simulates painted or taped lines on the floor. These innovative and cost-effective projectors provide an easy way to demarcate walkways and laneways without using paint or tape.. VirtuaLine™ THIN Line Projector fixtures project a virtual line on the floor that is indestructible at the floor level. No amount of forklift or foot traffic will ever fade or diminish the intensity of these lines.

The VirtuaLine THIN Line Projector is the latest in a series of plug and play line striping projection systems and boasts a brighter line projections, adjustable line thickness capability and the ability to mount up to 15m/45ft heights. Using optional line limiting panels, the length of the line can be adjusted. 5 different colours are offered to ensure you can comply with OSHA safety standards for demarcating spaces.

Line thickness: 1” – 4”