Reducing the Risk of Falls at Height

Reducing the Risk of Falls at Height

Reducing the Risk of Falls at Height

Although every effort is made to minimize workplace accidents such as falls at height, the statistics show several thousand cases per year, including more than a dozen fatal injuries. Fortunately, measures can be taken to reduce the risk of falls and you can rely on companies specializing in security equipment such as Prox-Secur to provide you with premium risk prevention equipment.

Work at Height: A High-risk Job

Work at height is probably one of the most dangerous jobs available today. These “voltigeurs” are generally the employees who work on skyscrapers and high platforms such as scaffolding or pruners.

This job, which requires an excellent physical condition, involves real risks and dangers, but these risks can be anticipated and avoided in most cases.


Rigorous measures to reduce the risk of falling from height

Some measures can help decrease the risks of accident such as wearing a helmet, wearing a safety harness for technicians at height, checking rope anchorage points for tree work, and checking the quality of various equipment used in the process.


Prox-Secur: your ally to reduce the risk of falls at height

Prox-Secur is part of Canadian group Canado Nacan specializing in the supply of safety devices to prevent falls and collisions. Thanks to the currently available solutions, the equipment and the workers benefit from an optimal comfort and the risks of accident are minimized.

We offer, among other things, safety ladders, anti-slip plates for raised platforms and self-supporting guardrails designed to secure high areas. We provide solutions tailored to your needs and requirements to allow your employees to work in a safe environment.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives to obtain more information about our products and services.

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