Safe solutions designed for quick and easy installation


Safe solutions designed for quick and easy installation

Safety in your industrial premises and on your sites is essential. It allows you to ensure the well-being, comfort and health of your employees, while contributing to their productivity. Are you looking for effective and innovative protection solutions for your work environment?

Discover our range of seamless security fences and vestibules.


Prox-Secur offers 3 series of protection solutions:

The first is the Series 100 fence. It is a modular, seamless security vestibule with a mesh panel that attaches to the frame with bolted clips.

The frames are fixed on posts with hooks which can be easily unlocked if necessary. If the configuration of your environment requires it, you can also opt for a curved corner frame or a hinged or sliding door to access the protected area.

The second is the Series 7 modular railing. It is made up of different modules of variable lengths which are fitted using rubberized hooks.

Finally, the 4 x 4 Series railing uses the same principle as that of the 7 Series, with the difference that the modules are made of square carbon steel profiles. This railing is designed to absorb shocks and its posts have a spring fixing system to allow them to bend slightly without deforming the structure.



At Prox-Secur, we offer a wide range of industrial protection systems to secure your working environment. Our solutions have multiple advantages over conventional fences.

Firstly, the absence of welding on the corners and the assembly areas makes them perfectly modular. So you can change the configuration of each panel as desired.

Second, installing your fences, hallways and guards is quick and easy. Indeed, each element fits easily into one another and the fixing to the ground has been designed to make your task less arduous than on certain conventional models. You need minimum tools to carry out their installation.

Third, transporting them from one area to another in your work environment is made easier. By being modular, fences and vestibules are light and space-saving to move, unlike some other solutions.

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