Security fences, essential and versatile


Security fences, essential and versatile

Prox-Secur is a Canadian company specializing in the distribution of protection solutions. It offers a wide range of products to secure both goods and people working in professional premises. Among the products available are security fencing.

The usefulness of security fences

Fences are essential devices that prove to be very useful in many ways.

They make it possible to prevent unauthorized people from accessing certain spaces and equipment requiring special precautions. This not only limits the risk of accident, but also any clumsy or even malicious manipulation.

Protection concerns both the equipment and the people who must intervene in the vicinity. Everyone can then circulate safely while being safe from possible intrusions.


Some models available at Prox-Secur

There are many devices to install as a security fence. At Prox-Secur, you can find accordion grilles, including hot-rolled steel models.

The pivot system of our grids allows, among other things, a 180 ° rotation when the device is closed. This limits the gap and optimizes the space available around the grid. The mobility of the whole is also ensured by the presence of robust vertical rails made of thick and resistant tubes.

Prox-Secur also offers safety cages to be installed indoors or outdoors. These are transformed into a vestibule for drivers accessible via a closed and controlled door.

To find out more about Prox-Secur’s offers, do not hesitate to send us your requests by email or by phone.

Note that it is possible to visit the showroom to get a concrete idea of ​​the equipment we offer.

In addition to security fences, we offer various locking and protection systems according to your requirements.

Rely on professionals for optimal security of your activities and call us today.

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