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Self-supporting guardrail for skylights on the roof

Self-supporting guardrail for skylights on the roof

Skylights allow natural light to be introduced into the interior spaces of buildings. It’s like a bay window installed on the roof. They effectively limit the use of artificial light. However, these devices can become dangerous. In fact, they expose you to the risk of falling from height. To avoid this, a dedicated freestanding guardrail is required.

Why install a self-supporting skylight guardrail?

Falling through a skylight can result in serious injury. Even a death. A self-supporting guardrail helps prevent this type of accident. This represents a physical barrier which prevents falling during work on the roof. Particularly in winter or during the rainy season when the ground is slippery.

Installing a freestanding guardrail is quick and easy. In fact, you do not need to perforate your roof to install it. It supports its own weight. This reduces, among other things, labor costs. Plus, you can remove or move it at any time if needed. In terms of practicality, it therefore represents the best option.

Our self-supporting guardrails for skylights

At Solutions Prox-Secur, we specialize in the distribution of roof security solutions. The self-supporting skylight guardrail is one of our products. The model we offer comes from the supplier DELTA PREVENTION. The latter is known for the quality and durability of its devices. Also, it is a Quebec company. Thus, this guardrail is entirely manufactured in Quebec. Below are its characteristics:

  • Complies with CNESST, CBNC and OSHA standards;
  • Made using recycled materials;
  • 100% self-supporting;
  • 10 year warranty;
  • Great resistance, particularly to rust, bad weather, rain and even acidic environments. So you can install them anywhere.

Our fall prevention solutions from height

We offer other solutions to prevent falls from height. Here are a few :

  • Self-supporting roof guardrails: they prevent you from falling off the roof during snow removal, ice removal or cleaning;
  • Permanent warning lines for roofs: they are used to demarcate secure and safe areas at roof level;
  • Self-supporting guardrails for roof access ladders: these devices protect you against the risk of falling once at the top of the ladder;
  • Self-supporting guardrails for roof access hatch: these secure entry and exit from an access hatch.

Conclusion: secure your roof effectively!

The DELTA PREVENTION self-supporting skylight guardrail ensures safety on your roof. It is easy to install, robust, durable and complies with the standards in force in Quebec. Plus, it comes with a 10-year warranty. Furthermore, it is of superior quality. For optimal prevention against falls from height, combine it with our other solutions! Visit our website to find out more details about them or contact us directly. We will give you more details on our offers!

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