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Self-supporting guardrails for safety at height


Self-supporting guardrails for safety at height

The risk of falling is high when working at height. This type of accident can result in injuries of varying severity. In the most serious cases, fatalities can occur. At Solutions Prox-Secur, we offer guardrails to protect you. Find out more.

Self-supporting guardrail: what is it?

A self-supporting guardrail acts as a barrier to prevent accidental falls from heights. Unlike traditional models, it has no uprights. It supports both its own weight and that of users. It’s also more attractive and original. Here are its main advantages:

  1. Enhanced safety

Freestanding guardrails are built to strict standards. They are made from solid, sturdy materials. They are resistant to heavy loads and the elements. All this guarantees optimum safety for users over the long term.

  1. Easy installation

Self-supporting guardrails are easy to install. There’s no need to drill holes in your roof. Nor do you need to do any preparatory work. Simply place the devices on the structure. In this way, you preserve the watertightness of your terrace or roof. It’s also handy if you need to move or remove equipment in the future.

What types of guardrail do we offer?

We offer self-supporting guardrail models for a variety of uses:

  • Classic for roofs;
  • Compact for roofs ;
  • For roof skylights ;
  • Dedicated to roof access trapdoor;
  • Dedicated to roof access ladder.

We also offer other accessories:

  • Self-supporting stabilizer for temporary ladder;
  • Permanent visual warning line for roofs.

All these elements help protect you against falls from your roof.

Quality equipment

All the self-supporting guardrails we offer are from the DELTA PRÉVENTION brand. Their advantages? Firstly, they comply with CNESST, OSHA and CBNC standards. They are also highly resistant to rust, temperature changes and acidic environments. They’re also versatile. You can install them on roofs with or without parapets. The company is also eco-responsible. The guardrails are made entirely in Quebec from recycled materials. Finally, they come with a 10-year warranty. This attests to their quality and durability.

Self-supporting guardrails – Collective fall protection

A permanent self-supporting guardrail system guarantees the safety of maintenance workers and subcontractors working on your roofs. By focusing on securing spaces rather than relying solely on personal protective equipment, you can ensure peace of mind, with the certainty that everyone is safe when working on your roofs. That’s the obvious advantage of Delta Prévention’s collective protection system.

Avoid falls from height with self-supporting guardrails

Maintenance and cleaning work on roofs can expose you to the risk of falling from heights. We recommend the installation of guardrails to avoid potentially fatal accidents. Opt for self-supporting models! They’re much more practical. For one thing, they’re quick and easy to install. You don’t even need to perforate your roof. Secondly, they require no special maintenance. They can withstand extreme conditions such as rain, acidity and wide temperature variations. What’s more, DELTA PRÉVENTION models are eco-responsible. Would you like more information? Contact us now!

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