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Sustainable development at SPS, a company of the Canado-Nacan group

Sustainable development at SPS, a company of the Canado-Nacan group

Sustainable development can be defined as the set of measures put in place to meet the current needs of humans while ensuring that those of future generations can also be satisfied without problems. As part of a sustainable development project, it is essential to consider the impacts of activities on three inseparable dimensions, namely society, the environment and the economy. At Solutions Prox-Secur and within the Canado-Nacan Group, we measure the importance of development and make sure to contribute to it, at our level.

Towards the implementation of an action plan for a better social and environmental impact

We are convinced that each individual, each group and each company must assume its responsibilities in order to improve current living conditions while ensuring a bright future for future generations.

Based on this constant, we have carried out an organizational diagnosis, with the aim of identifying the measures that we can apply as part of our investment in sustainable development.

We will then put in place an action plan aimed at increasing our productivity, as well as improving our social and environmental impact, in the long term. All the projects we prepare will be beneficial for our company, but also for our partners and our customers.

Sustainable development projects already started

We like to act quickly when it comes to improving the living conditions of our employees, our customers, our partners and our neighbors. This is why we have already started several sustainability projects:

  1. We now encourage our employees to engage in regular physical activity to maintain their health and promote their long-term well-being. That’s why we now offer yoga classes in the office as well as a sports and leisure area.
  2. We favor composting as part of the management of our operating waste.
  3. We raise funds to support any organization that encourages the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and the practice of regular physical activity among disadvantaged young people between the ages of 4 and 17.


Investing in sustainable development means contributing to the creation of a better present while guaranteeing good living conditions for the generations of tomorrow, that is to say for our children, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren. – grandchildren. It is a responsibility that each of us must assume as individuals, as a group, but above all as a company, for the good of all.

This is why we have implemented an action plan intended to effectively improve our social and environmental impact, including some projects that we have already started such as support for a foundation working with disadvantaged young people, the creation of leisure and sport in our premises or more ecological management of our operating waste. And other measures are in preparation.

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