My colleague at the Beauceville plant recommended that I use your company for the railings because he had received excellent service from you.

I confirm that I also had a good experience with your organization. THE SERVICE WAS OUTSTANDING.

In addition, the self-supporting guardrail is made in Quebec, has a 10-year warranty, and eliminates the risk of falling directly at the source. No more need to have for each worker their own fastening system (harness, cable).
In fact, the proposed solution is a collective solution and not an individual one. I now have confidence when our workers have to work on the roof.

We did the installation at the beginning of September of this year and I noticed that your professionalism and the quality of your products make the difference.
It is always a pride to collaborate with Quebec companies that have at heart the improvement of health and safety.

Luc CorbinSuperviseur en chef efficacité manufacturière - Transcontinental

We have high safety standards in our plant and your DELTA branded guardrail solution has addressed the problem of risk of falling when we have workers who have to perform work on the roof. We save time and efficiency when starting and executing repair or maintenance work on equipment because there is no need for individualized fastening systems (harness and restraining cable) or to have certified anchors installed.

We have had the guardrails since the summer of 2018 and even after 2 full years, everything is still in place because the system is well thought out, easy to install and should last several years. In addition, we will save in the long term for the maintenance of the roof because the system installed did not cause any drilling of the building’s roof because it is “self-supporting” and can be moved if necessary.

We are pleased to have trusted you for this project, because you were able to respond in a reasonable and quick time frame, with the right solutions adapted to our targeted needs. You were there to serve and advise us, despite the distance that separates us.

I hope that we will have the chance to work on new projects with your dynamic team in the near future!

Roch BeaulieuConseiller - Santé-Sécurité - Alouette