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The consultative services offered by Solutions Prox-Secur

The consultative services offered by Solutions Prox-Secur

The consultative services offered by Solutions Prox-Secur

Solutions Prox-Secur is a company founded in 2017 specializing in the distribution of innovative solutions to ensure the safety of workers and equipment, particularly in the industrial sector, in North America.

We are part of the Canado Nacan Group which has been a leader in the field of employee and equipment protection as well as industrial energy saving solutions for more than 40 years. Also, we collaborate with reliable and recognized suppliers in order to offer you products of premium quality that are practical, efficient and durable. In addition, we accompany you during all the stages of the realization of your project.

What are our focus areas?

Collision avoidance

Collisions between forklifts or other machines or between vehicles and pedestrians within an industrial area can cause more or less serious damage, including injuries, damage to equipment or products and even death in the worst case. Solutions Prox-Secur offers practical and innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology to help you provide your employees with a secure work environment.

Preventing falls from heights

Work at height exposes employees to the risk of fatal falls. This is why it is essential to install safety equipment such as guardrails to prevent accidents. Solutions Prox-Secur offers fast and adaptive solutions for this that are manufactured according to the standards in force in the country (OSHA, CNBC and CNESST).

· Employee Protection

Employees who work in a secure environment and have appropriate protective equipment are more productive. We invite you to turn to Solutions Prox-Secur to find innovative solutions for the comfort and protection of personnel.

· Equipment Protection

Finally, it is important to limit access to certain machines to ensure their proper functioning but above all to limit the risk of accidents that can occur when they are in operation. Solutions Prox-Secur offers scalable and practical strategies that will help you in your approach.

How do we work?

We accompany you in all the stages of the realization of your project. When you call us, we send a team on site to assess the risks so that we can design tailor-made solutions afterwards.

Once the design is complete, we study the possible problems then establish an intervention plan. Finally, we proceed with the installation or delivery, depending on the contract.

To conclude

We invite you to consult our website to find details on the different equipment and solutions that we are able to offer you. You can then contact us by phone at 1-800-353-7557, email us at [email protected], complete an online form or go directly to our premises to obtain additional information or to request our services.

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