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The importance of installing guardrails before winter

The importance of installing guardrails before winter

With December just a few days away, snow is upon us! Now is the time to think about installing guardrails. These devices ensure the safety of occupants of an industrial zone. On high sites, they are even more important to avoid a fall or slip. The risks are greater in winter. Find out why you should install it before the cold sets in. Also learn more about our new guardrail.

What is an industrial guardrail and what is its role?

An industrial guardrail is a safety element. It is implemented in industrial areas to prevent falls and accidents. It is generally installed around walkways, stairs, platforms, mezzanines, roofs, and any area presenting a risk of falling.

These devices are specially designed to cope with the harsh conditions in industrial environments, while providing optimal durability. They are made from robust materials and are subject to rigorous safety standards. All this helps ensure the protection of employees and visitors. The objective is to create a secure environment where workers and visitors can move around in complete peace of mind.

Particularly important protection in winter

As the cold sets in, the ground becomes more slippery because of the ice. Sites located at height are more dangerous for workers and personnel traveling there. Thanks to the guardrails, the risk of falling is greatly reduced.

If you haven’t installed one yet, now is a good time to do so, before the cold weather arrives. This period is perfectly suited. Installation is easier, in the absence of layers of snow and ice.

Discover our new Delta Prevention crossing bridge

At Solutions Prox-Secur, we are proud to present one of our most recent security solutions. This is the Delta Prevention crossing footbridge. It is designed to be assembled without welding, making it easier to install. This entirely aluminum model is light and easy to handle. It also resists corrosion for maximum durability.

Delta Prévention gateways are manufactured in accordance with the safety standards in force in North America. These devices comply with current regulations and are completely reliable.

These walkways are ideal for overcoming a variety of roof obstacles. They simplify navigation between the different levels at this level. They also enhance worker safety. Finally, they protect equipment against possible accidental damage.

Their modular design allows them to be adapted to most obstacles on the roof. This simplifies circulation around gas pipes or dividing walls. Likewise, when the objective is to create a safe passage between two levels, this self-supporting crossing bridge is the ideal solution.

Install your guardrails before winter!

The guardrails guarantee safety, both in winter and summer. Thanks to our self-supporting walkways, you get a protection device that is robust, multifunctional and weatherproof.

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