The laser for pedestrian crossing, effective and safe

The laser for pedestrian crossing, effective and safe

The laser for pedestrian crossing, effective and safe

Pedestrian safety is an important and vital point on any construction site or in any warehouse. Various signaling devices are then put in place to optimize the visibility of drivers and facilitate the movement of pedestrians on a well-defined area. The pedestrian laser is a more or less recent alternative that could replace in the near future, traditional lines drawn on the ground and stickers. Focus on this technique below.

Why use a laser?

The principle of the laser is simple: a small beam of light, similar to a projector, diffuses on the ground the image of a pedestrian crossing.

The device is placed at a certain height and projects a light that can be red, green, or in other colors and that will be easily visible by all drivers at night or during the day.

The laser can also be used on public roads to replace conventional ground markings.


Easy to set up without major constraints

The use of the laser has many undeniable advantages. First, the signals do not tend to fade over time under inclement weather or when pedestrians are walking on the stickers or the marks on the ground.

Second, the surface requires no preparation or drying time. The area remains operational whether before, during, or just after the laser installation.


Significant financial benefits

Using a signalling device as effective as the laser saves significant costs on insurance claims by reducing accidents between operators and pedestrians as well as reducing damage to structures and equipment.

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