The Laserglow intelligent detection system

The Laserglow intelligent detection system

The Laserglow intelligent detection system

The movement of people and vehicles is essential on construction sites, depots, warehouses and factories. It is therefore essential to do everything possible to limit the risk of collisions.

Whether between vehicles or between people. In this context, the Laserglow Intelligent Proximity Detection System constitutes an efficient and practical solution. Let’s take a quick look at this innovative tool available from Prox-Secur.



The Laserglow is an easy-to-use SIDP that comes already set up. No pre-calibration or registration is necessary. However, it can be configured to suit your needs and requirements, for example by modifying the scope of the alert zones.

The equipment also incorporates technologies capable of accurately measuring the distance between vehicles or between vehicles and pedestrians. It emits sound, vibratory or visual signals as a warning.

Note the Laserglow detection system is OEM-independent, which means that it can adapt to a mixed vehicle fleet including for example new forklifts and other existing vehicles.



This proximity detection system warns the pedestrian and the driver of the vehicle by emitting sound, visual or vibratory signals in risky situations:

  • When there is a risk of collision between the vehicle and the pedestrian carrying a beacon. It is therefore important to determine the extent of the alert zone based on the hazards;
  • When a vehicle in a blind spot approaches the pedestrian;
  • When a vehicle is at an intersection and a pedestrian beacon is detected nearby.

The Laserglow also helps prevent collisions between Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and forklifts, for example. It also facilitates the access of authorized vehicles to secure areas. To do this, simply connect the flashing beacon to an external output device. The door opens automatically when the latter detects the signal.

Finally, it can warn pedestrians of the proximity of a vehicle to an intersection by emitting a visual signal on the ground. It is then necessary to install a signal projector equipped with a vehicle beacon at the crossing.



The Laserglow Intelligent Proximity Detection System is an essential piece of equipment for harmonizing vehicle movements in a workplace and preventing accidents. These could harm your staff, your equipment, but also your products and goods.

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