The well-being of your employees: a factor of success in business

The well-being of your employees: a factor of success in business

The well-being of your employees: a factor of success in business

Comfort and health are key productivity factors for employees. In the event that they have to stand for several hours during their work, it is highly advisable to put at their disposal an anti-fatigue mat. ProxSecur offers just a free trial of two weeks for the purchase of such a mat.

The anti-fatigue mat

An anti-fatigue mat like the Matlast one comes in the form of a comfortable mat that encloses air bubbles. The latter behave like a spring when a person stands on it. You have the choice between several sizes and colors, according to your tastes and needs.

Note that there are various models of anti-fatigue mats, including anti-slip, antistatic, heat resistant, oil-resistant or those intended for intensive use. The choice depends on your needs and requirements.


What are the benefits of an anti-fatigue mat?

An anti-fatigue mat ensures the health of your employees

The air bubbles that make up this type of carpet create slight impulses on the muscles in the calves and legs. It’s like you’re on a mini-spring. In addition, they encourage you to change position regularly, helping to fight against back pain. In addition, the anti-fatigue mat promotes good circulation of blood in the body. It decreases and / or anticipates joint pain and the risk of flat feet.


An anti-fatigue mat to increase the productivity of your employees

Fatigue and pain, usually caused by stagnation of blood in certain parts of the body, have a negative effect on productivity. By reducing them with an anti-fatigue mat, you will increase the energy of your employees and maintain their motivation.


Special offer: two weeks free trial

The anti-fatigue mat undeniably contributes to the success of your business, the purchase of such a device is a must. Take advantage of the free 2-week trial with ProxSecur to purchase the equipment that’s right for you.

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