Guardrail System : Working at heights without taking any risks!

Guardrail System : Working at heights without taking any risks!

Guardrail System : Working at heights without taking any risks!

Guardrail System to help prevent falls .Falls at the workplace can happen anytime, especially when working at heights. Roofers, painters, material handlers, carpenters, installers are exposed daily to real dangers and are often using inappropriate equipment.

Falls from heights are the 3rd cause of work accidents with or without permanent disability (according to SEAT classification used by CNAMTS since 2013) and the 2nd cause of deaths. It is also the 2nd reason for days lost with temporary disability (source INRS).

In 2015, did you know that CNESST recorded more than 13 000 accidents caused by falls, including 12 resulting in a death? According to the law, it is prohibited to work at less than 1,98 m (6 ft 6 in) from the edge of a 3,05 m (10 ft) roof, unless a fall prevention system is installed.

Important to know:

When workers are exposed to a fall hazard over 3 m, the employer must install guardrails to prevent any falls or use another equivalent safety method. If this is not possible, workers must wear a harness attached to a specifically designed anchor point (Articles 2.9.1 and 2.9.2 of CSTC, Articles 9, 10, 33, al.1 par. 4 and 346 of RSST, Articles 4 and 51 of RSSM, Article 51(3) of LSST).

Attention! In case of noncompliance, the CNESST will stop the work and the wrongdoers may be liable to criminal proceedings. (source CNESST)

There are new innovative systems using more practical, efficient and simple methods to eliminate the risk of falls.

DELTA PRÉVENTION is a Québec manufacturer of a self-supporting guard rail system that installs rapidly, without any perforation on the roof and does not require any annual certification. It is a permanent and economic protection against falls from your roof designed for everybody. It is a revolutionary product with numerous modular and evolving combinations and complies with current safety standards. This versatile system with numerous possibilities will ensure the safety of all.

This new safety solution designed for everybody will protect your employees in high risk areas permanently. Safeguarding an area instead of protecting employees individually will eradicate dangers for everybody.


DELTA PRÉVENTION offers various products including:

– Self-supporting guard rail systems for roofs

– Moveable and temporary guard rail systems

– Permanent warning line

– Ladder railings for roof access

– Railings for skylights


DELTA PRÉVENTION ensures your safety by eradicating risks of fall and acts responsibly by using rubber recycled in Quebec or Canada in its products.

Aluminum 6061-T6 is rust proof and ultralight for easy handling and installation.

Materials are selected to resist weather conditions, temperature changes and impacts to keep you safe for many years.


Several educational institutions already trust Delta Prévention to make their buildings safer, including:

– Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) – Pavillon Judith-Jasmin

– CÉGEP de Lanaudière

– Centre d’études professionnelles Saint-Jérôme – Rivière-du-Nord School Board

Our team has the expertise to evaluate your risk profile, evaluate and understand your needs and offer you appropriate solutions.

Do not worry about falls anymore with products that will protect everybody.

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