Zero tolerance: Work at height

Zero tolerance: Work at height

Zero tolerance: Work at height

Workers in many sectors of our industry are highly exposed to the risk of falls from heights which can cause more or less serious and sometimes irreversible injuries. Employers must therefore take the necessary measures to guarantee their safety, in accordance with Canadian law. The country’s authorities are adopting a zero tolerance policy for those who do not respect the imposed regulations: immediate cessation of work or even criminal prosecution.


Measures to be taken to ensure the safety of workers working at heights

Here are the regulations to follow to limit the risk of work-related accidents.


Install a guardrail

The guardrail is a piece of safety equipment used to delimit a work area at height, especially on the roof. It is designed according to strict resistance standards. In addition, it is mandatory to place warning lines in the event that it is necessary to remove part of the guardrail in order to continue the work.

On-site evaluation by one of our EXPERTS available at all times


Roof snow removal: for peace of mind

Remember: workers will be able to move around and work without personal protection within a completely enclosed perimeter.

The security perimeter is therefore important for:

  • Preventing workers from circulating in the risk area less than two meters from the edge
  • Controlling where the snow is dumped
  • Defining the scope of the snow removal operation


Prox-Secur Solutions, a team of experts at your SERVICE

Whenever possible, we advise you to find alternatives to working at height or on a slope. It would also be interesting to install anti-slip devices on the ground or on work platforms. In any case, Solutions Prox-Secur is at your disposal to support you in your projects to secure your workspaces. You can call on our experts to assess the level of fall risk. We then recommend the solutions best suited to your situation, knowing that we also take care of the installations, according to your requests and needs.

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