Fall prevention

Did you know?

Fall prevention is important to consider because each year, in Canada, more than 42 000 workers are injured following a fall. This number represents about 17% of accidents «with loss time» that are recognized by the Worker’s Compensation Boards of Canada (according to statistics of the Association of Worker’s Compensation Boards of Canada, 2011).

To prevent falls at the workplace, what do we do?

There are many ways to reduce risks, including solutions such as:

  • Install self-supporting guardrails on roofs in accordance with existing resistance standards.
  • Avoid using ladders and stepladders to perform light work at height and use a light and versatile platform instead.
  • Install non-skid strips on stairways, access ramps, machinery, lift trucks, etc.
  • Eliminating obstruction can be a complex and dangerous task when high density pallets are used. In order to work safely, operators need a separate area and must be aware that rack structures are not certified or designed for this task. M.A.R.C is a safe solution!

It is essential to have a safety strategy that can be adapted and can evolve in order to prevent falls and meet the needs of your organization.

Our team is trained to help you evaluate your level of risk and analyze your needs.