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Securing your roof: Roof access and prevention of falls from height

Is prevention of falls from heights an issue in your company?

The health and safety in the workplace experts at Prox-Secur Solutions offer innovative configuration solutions adapted to your needs in order to eliminate the risks of falls from heights. Fall from heights risk reports can also be provided to you.

Did you know that prevention of falls from heights is important to consider?

Fall prevention is important to consider because each year, in Canada, more than 42 000 workers are injured following a fall. This number represents about 18% of accidents «with loss time» that are recognized by the Worker’s Compensation Boards of Canada (according to statistics of the Association of Worker’s Compensation Boards of Canada, 2016).

Preventing falls from heights

We always recommend collective security with self-supporting guardrails that comply with current resistance standards (CNESST, CBN and RSST). Safe access to the roof is just as important. We therefore recommend fixed ladders with crinoline and level platform


It is essential to have a safety strategy that can be adapted and can evolve in order to prevent falls and meet the needs of your organization.

Our team is trained to help you evaluate your level of risk and analyze your needs.