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Modular railings Series 7


Consisting of hook-on modules made of 1 5/8” (42 mm) outside diameter steel tubing welded on 1/4” (6.3mm) X 1 3/4” (44.5mm) bent plates.

Guard modules are easily hooked to finished nylon hooks (or stainless steel hooks for heavy-duty use) mounted on 2” X 2” posts attached to the ground on 3/8” (10mm) X 4” (102mm) X 8” (203mm) plates using mechanical anchors. Guard modules are available in several lengths and there are telescopic and curved modules as well as variable angle joints to obtain highly flexible configurations.

Series 7 guardrails are available in painted steel and stainless steel. Painted finishes are made with high quality baked powder applied after sandblasting and priming.

The telescopic guardrail sections of the 7 SERIES allow sections to be installed on posts spaced 55” to 68” apart with ease, allowing end of line adjustments or flexible configurations.

The 7 SERIES guardrail posts are made of 2” X 2” [ 50.8 X 50.8 mm ] tubular sections with nylon (or stainless steel as an option) hooking rods for hanging guardrail sections.

STANDARD posts are used for linear configurations while MULTI posts allow for corners, T’s or X’s to be made.

The flexible brackets attach to the posts with screws and allow guard sections to be hung at various angles to create installations with angles as required.

The hooks allow temporary storage of a guard section that has been removed by hanging it on another guard section. The hooks are sold in pairs and are finished with a baked powder coating that will not damage the finish of the guards.

7 Series swing doors are available in two standard sizes and have left or right opening configurations. The doors are installed on the posts in the same manner as the guard sections. The standard latches feature a stainless steel mechanism. Doors are available in red painted steel or stainless steel (unpainted).

Series 7 sliding doors allow entry points to be passed through with minimal space requirements, which can be very useful in high traffic or congested environments.

The door module is delivered with 3 posts, 2 of which integrate the telescopic mechanism.

The standard latches have a stainless steel mechanism. A telescopic door module can be installed for left or right opening. Doors are available in red painted steel or stainless steel (unpainted).

Custom door widths are of course available.


The 7-SERIES guardrail system has been certified by an = external firm to comply with the National Building Code (Canada) and OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration, USA).

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