Collision avoidance

How can drivers and pedestrians avoid lift truck related accidents in warehouses?

Here are a few safety recommendations:

  • Drive all automotive equipment at a safe speed, especially with people in the work area.
  • When possible, prohibit access to loading and unloading areas.
  • Keep all traffic lanes visible and unobstructed.
  • Pedestrian lanes must be clearly marked on the ground.
  • When approaching an intersection, a door or another vehicle, slow down and honk.
  • Pedestrians always have priority.

In reality, safety recommendations are not always followed and may lead to accidents.

With our solutions and products, we can considerably reduce the number of collisions between pedestrians and equipment. Here are some solutions:
PROXIPI® a collision avoidance system that alerts the pedestrian (in danger) and the driver of the vehicle (in movement).

  • The blue light can alert pedestrians of the presence of lift trucks and trailers in a turn where visibility is limited.
  • The bumper protectors efficiently prevent damages due to collisions and protect buildings, equipment and materials by absorbing most of the impacts.
  • The cellular product ANGL’ISOL is ideal to obtain a superior protection from impacts. The cells absorb the impact and reduce the risk of trauma.

It is essential to have a safety strategy that can be adapted and can evolve in order to prevent accident and meet the needs of your organization.

Our team is trained to help you evaluate your level of risk and analyze your needs.