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VirtuaLine™ SWITCH Line Projector

VirtuaLine™ SWITCH Line Projector

The VirtuaLine™ SWITCH Line Projector is the latest addition to the virtual line projection product series. This patent pending LED light fixture projects a line that simulates painted or taped lines on the floor, however, has the ability to change colours based on sensor inputs.

Using a Smart Trigger Controller, the VirtuaLine SWITCH projectors can take an input from a sensor and change the colour of the line. E.g., a motion sensor connected to the Smart Trigger Controller could detect a forklift approaching the projected pedestrian walkway and change the colour of the pathway from green to red, indicating to pedestrians that the pathway has a hazard approaching.

This innovative and cost-effective projector provides dynamic and real time visual hazard management capabilities while ensuring indestructible projection of lines that will never fade or diminish in intensity with any amount of forklift or foot traffic.

Line thickness: 1” – 3”