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AtomikAir, the ideal air quality control solution!

Air is known as a gas mixture. It consists mainly of nitrogen and oxygen. It also contains suspended particles. These include dust and droplets that can be harmful. These can come from combustion or be blown by the wind. Or they may be the product of gas conversion. Either way, a large portion of these contaminants are harmful to your health. AtomikAir protects you from them!


Self-supporting guardrail for skylights on the roof

Skylights allow natural light to be introduced into the interior spaces of buildings. It’s like a bay window installed on the roof. They effectively limit the use of artificial light. However, these devices can become dangerous. In fact, they expose you to the risk of falling from height. To avoid this, a dedicated freestanding guardrail is required. (more…)

The importance of installing guardrails before winter

With December just a few days away, snow is upon us! Now is the time to think about installing guardrails. These devices ensure the safety of occupants of an industrial zone. On high sites, they are even more important to avoid a fall or slip. The risks are greater in winter. Find out why you should install it before the cold sets in. Also learn more about our new guardrail. (more…)