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Discover our freestanding guardrail system

Discover our freestanding guardrail system

Discover our freestanding guardrail system

Guardrails ensure the safety of people circulating in a construction site, an industrial zone, or at height. In this period when the snowmelt is approaching, it becomes essential to quickly secure the areas deemed dangerous on your site. Discover our freestanding and temporary guardrail system.

Why choose a freestanding system?

A freestanding system has many great benefits. Its first strong point lies in its ease of installation. In a few minutes, you can secure a large area without the need for specific tools or in-depth knowledge in the field.

Then, this kind of system moves easily from one area to another. Once you no longer need to secure a particular site, you can easily move the system to deploy it elsewhere. Each element that makes up the freestanding guardrail is designed to be lightweight and space-saving.

Finally, the installation of the system does not require any perforation of the ground, unlike the permanent model. As a result, you can keep the integrity of your floor, especially when installing it on high structures. The rubber bases are stable and do not need to be anchored to the ground.

Features of our freestanding system

If we offer you our freestanding guardrail system, it is because we believe that it is the best alternative to the permanent one. First of all, the pipes that constitute it are made of ultra-light resistant aluminum. The bases are made of recycled rubber and display a strong grip.

Our self-supporting system can be installed both inside your premises and outside, on the ground or on high structures. Each element has been specially designed to resist corrosion, rust and weathering.

Our freestanding structure is easily transported from one area to another and its installation is quick and easy. No specific tool is required. An interlocking system for each part allows them to be put in place quickly.

Finally, our freestanding railing system meets the most rigorous safety and quality standards. These include the CBNC, CNESST and OSHA standards applied in Quebec. The heavy bases guarantee the stability of the structure and prevent falls from height.

Why trust us?

At Solutions Prox-Secur, we specialize in security solutions for Canadian businesses and industries. We offer a whole range of products dedicated to the protection of workers, machines and goods for various sites and locations.

We exclusively offer reliable products that meet the quality, construction and safety standards in effect in Canada and internationally.

Thanks to our diversified team, we cover all areas of security, whether it is prevention of accidents at height, collision prevention or even protection of employees and equipment. If you are interested in our products, contact us today!

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