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High-quality solutions and high-level personalized service


High-quality solutions and high-level personalized service

At Solutions Prox-Secur, we specialize in industrial security. Our goal is to become a leader in the field. And we give our all to achieve it but above all, to satisfy you as best as possible. High quality solutions and high level personalized service… This is what we offer to all our customers.

High quality solutions

We offer a wide range of industrial and roofing security solutions. Here are a few :

  • Devices to prevent falls from height such as self-supporting guardrails;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Industrial stairs;
  • Proximity systems;
  • Light projections;
  • Comfort solutions for employees.

You can visit our website to discover all our offers. You will also find details on each of them. For now, let’s focus on the common benefits of all these solutions!

We only work with reputable suppliers. This is how we ensure the quality of the solutions we offer. They are designed using top-notch materials and adapted to their use. This guarantees their robustness, solidity, resistance and durability. Moreover, many of them are subject to a 10-year warranty. Furthermore, these devices comply with the standards in force in our region. You can therefore use them with complete peace of mind and safety.

High-level personalized service

In addition to offering superior quality solutions, we support you in the choice of devices. Why ? So that you get the maximum benefit from the solution. This is why we also offer you a high level of personalization.

Therefore, professionals are at your disposal to support you throughout the purchasing process. They will help you assess the risks associated with your activity. They will then offer you the solution best suited to your situation. The one that will generate the best results and offer optimal protection. For this, you can count on their expertise, their seriousness and their integrity. They are there to satisfy you. You can contact them anytime when needed and they will be happy to answer your questions.

Your satisfaction is important to us

In our opinion, being a leader is all about ensuring customer satisfaction. With quality products, but also with high-level personalized services. So rest assured that we are doing what is necessary to meet these criteria. With us, our customers come first and we are convinced that the rest comes automatically as long as we respect this rule.

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