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Line projector VirtuaLine SWITCH

Line projector VirtuaLine SWITCH

The VirtuaLine SWITCH floor line projector is a durable and cost-effective safety solution to consider in order to limit the risk of accidents and harmonize traffic within an area where pedestrians and forklifts cohabit. Currently patent pending, this device combining practicality, profitability and adaptability is the most recent model of virtual line projection equipment from the brand.

Projection of virtual lines on the ground with VirtuaLine SWITCH

VirtuaLine SWITCH projects virtual lines on the floor to delineate circulation areas, aisles and paths within an industrial building, a storage warehouse or even a loading dock. The device is equipped with a high performance LED lamp, with a nominal power of 80 Watts, which can diffuse lights of different colors (red and green), and whose lifespan is approximately 30,000 hours in the best conditions. conditions, i.e. at about 25°C.

The projection distance can be up to 17 meters and the thickness of the line is controllable. In addition, it is possible to connect VirtuaLine SWITCH to different sensors or push buttons to benefit from an intelligent signaling process. For example, the color of the line that delimits a pedestrian zone can automatically change from green to red to warn users of the arrival of a nearby forklift when a motion sensor is associated with the Smart Trigger Controller. .

Vigilance, profitability and adaptability

The VirtuaLine SWITCH floor projector is much more interesting than traditional painted floor markings or adhesive tapes.

Virtual lines are more visible and increase alertness

The lines projected by VirtuaLine SWITCH are much more visible than floor markings and adhesive tape, especially in areas where the light level is particularly low. In addition, the fact that the light can change color to warn users in the event of imminent danger increases everyone’s vigilance. Note, however, that the brightness of the lines as well as their maximum thickness and length largely depend on the mounting height of the device.

The device is more profitable

Floor markings need repainting when they become less visible and adhesive tapes need to be changed regularly. In addition to generating more or less high costs in the long term, all this affects productivity since it is necessary to block the passage for a defined period during the work, and even until the paint dries. The virtual line projector requires no such maintenance and therefore represents a more cost effective solution.

The line projector easily adapts to changes within the building

Simply move the projector and install it in another place in case of temporary or permanent reconfiguration of the space within the building. All this is done in a few minutes. With floor markings or adhesive tape, the process is more time-consuming since you have to strip, then repaint or stick another tape.

An effective solution to optimize security

VirtuaLine SWITCH is the preferred solution for avoiding collisions between industrial vehicles and pedestrians within an establishment and therefore optimizing the safety of all users. This device is both effective and profitable.

In addition, it adapts very easily to any reconfigurations of the space carried out inside the building. We are at your disposal if you wish to obtain additional information about it or about the other solutions we offer.

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