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SmartEye Detect visual pedestrian detection system

SmartEye Detect visual pedestrian detection system

SmartEye Detect visual pedestrian detection system

Collisions between industrial vehicles and pedestrians can cause more or less serious injuries, or even loss of life in some cases. The use of high-performance safety systems within warehouses is therefore essential in order to limit the risk of accidents. We now have a new product for material handling equipment in our catalog: SmartEyeTM Detect. Let’s do a check in.

What is SmartEyeTM Detect?

SmartEyeTM Detect is a visual pedestrian detection system that works with artificial intelligence technology and is intended for industrial vehicles or material handling equipment to harmonize circulation within a warehouse . It is made up of several components, including:

  • A 1080P SmartEyeTM Detect Al camera with a 140° viewing angle to detect pedestrians;
  • One or more HD monitors
  • A magnetic mounting base so that the system can be installed without drilling the vehicle;
  • Connecting cables.

How does SmartEyeTM Detect work?

When installed correctly, the SmartEyeTM Detect system is able to detect pedestrians within its line of sight, whether they are moving or stationary. It then warns the driver of the vehicle or the operator of the handling equipment with an audible and visual signal. Thus, the latter can take the necessary measures to avoid accidents which can be serious or even fatal.

What are the benefits of the SmartEyeTM Detect system?

SmartEyeTM Detect is an innovative system offering many advantages:

  • Customizable detection range up to 15m according to user needs;
  • A camera capable of detecting all parts of the body, whether moving or stationary;
  • A camera able to detect pedestrians even if they are not wearing a visibility vest;
  • A system particularly resistant to vibrations and operating between -20 and +70°C;
  • Full camera sealing against dust and water;
  • A system suitable for all types of material handling equipment;
  • Option to integrate the system with side or front cameras for maximum coverage.

Why Choose Prox-Secur Solutions?

Prox-Secur Solutions is part of the Canado Nacan Equipment group, a leader in the distribution of security devices in North America for several years. We offer top quality products and have competent, respectful and helpful agents at your service to help you when needed. We also have a well-stocked catalog consisting of:

  • Several equipment intended for the prevention of falls from height;
  • Protective devices for employees and equipment;
  • Equipment designed to prevent collisions.

You can contact us directly by phone for additional information about our new SmartEyeTM Detect product or our other services. It is also possible to obtain a quote directly by going to our official contact page. Finally, do not hesitate to consult our catalog to see the other safety equipment that we make available to you.

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