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Are you compliant for your snow removal on your roofs?

Are you compliant for your snow removal on your roofs?

Are you compliant for your snow removal on your roofs?

The winter period is fast approaching and it is already time to think about removing snow from your roof. Generally, it is recommended to call in a qualified professional who knows the best techniques and has the necessary materials for this. He will be able to carry out the work in complete safety and without damaging the structure. However, you can also complete the mission yourself, under one condition: you are well equipped. So are you compliant for snow removal from your roofs?

How important is it to be well equipped for snow removal on your roof?

Snow removal from a roof is an overhead task carried out on a slippery ground. The risks of falling which can lead to serious injuries and even death are therefore very high. In addition, the mass of snow falling from the roof can cause serious incidents if you do not control the movements properly. Thus, being well equipped for snow removal on your roof is above all a question of safety, for you, for any passers-by and for your employees.

What equipment is needed to clear snow from your roof?

Here is the safety equipment you need if you want to clear snow from your roof yourself.

  • A guardrail that will serve both as a safety barrier and as the limit of the intervention area.
  • A warning line, a second safety measure, which indicates the area not to be passed for your safety. You can also set it down at the bottom to mark off the area where you plan to dump the snow.
  • A skylight or roof hatch so that you can access the roof more easily.
  • A snow chute with guardrail, which allows you to dump all the snow accumulated on the roof in one place to which you will block the access beforehand.
  • A secure ladder or lifting device so that you can climb to the roof safely. It is also recommended to wear a harness that is short in length and hooked to a sturdy support to prevent falls.

What else should you know about roof snow removal?

Do not wait until too much snow has accumulated to intervene, as this can damage the roof and lead to the formation of cracks and problems with water infiltration. The roof can also weaken and collapse under the weight of the snow it carries. Finally, remember to leave a layer of about 15 cm when removing snow for safety reasons.

Conclusion: Are you compliant for snow removal from your roofs?

Thus, it is essential to have complete and compliant equipment for snow removal from your roofs in order to guarantee your safety and that of passers-by. At Prox-Secur, you will find top quality security devices manufactured according to current standards. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information about our products and services. You can also place your order directly via our official website.

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