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Plan the installation of guardrails before the first snow

Plan the installation of guardrails before the first snow

The first snow will fall in a few weeks! It is therefore necessary to think now of installing guardrails on your roof to ensure your safety when you remove snow from it.

Why do we have to clear the roof?

The roof, even if it is robust and of good quality, risks sagging or collapsing under the weight of too much snow. Cracks, which could be the cause of major infiltration and insulation problems, can also form over time. Finally, the risk of falling snow or ice represents an imminent danger for passers-by and the surrounding area. Thus, roof snow removal is above all a question of safety.

When should the snow be removed from the roof?

It is necessary to remove snow from the roof before signs of damage such as a creaking ceiling, a sagging roof or problems with insulation and water infiltration appear. So, consider clearing your roof of snow in the following cases:

  • When the weather forecast announces the arrival of a storm or an unusual increase in temperature;
  • After a storm or precipitation;
  • When the amount of snow that has accumulated on your roof has exceeded 15 to 20 cm.

Is it possible to remove snow from the roof yourself?

Ideally, we always recommend that you hire a qualified professional for roof snow removal. He knows the techniques and precautions to take to carry out the operation without damaging the structure and in complete safety. It also has all the necessary materials for this.

However, the law allows you to clear your roof yourself if you are well equipped. In other words, you must have a secure ladder, a harness and the appropriate clothing.

What is the use of a guardrail?

Snow removal is work at height that exposes you to the risk of extremely dangerous, and sometimes even fatal, falls. A guardrail is precisely a kind of safety barrier that serves both to delimit your intervention area and to prevent you from falling. In general, this equipment is combined with a warning line which, as its name suggests, highlights the limits that should not be crossed.

What precautions should be taken before removing snow from the roof?

Aside from the installation of guardrails and warning lines on the roof, here are the precautions to take before proceeding with snow removal:

  • Wherever possible, install a roof hatch or skylight for easy access to your roof. Otherwise, use a sturdy, secure ladder.
  • Wear a safety harness;
  • Put on warm clothes and non-slip shoes;
  • Be sure to leave about 15 cm of snow on the roof.


At Prox-Secur, we sell safety devices for roof snow removal such as self-supporting guardrails or ladders.

Do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information.

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