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Announcement: Prox-Secur joins forces with new trusted international partners

Solutions Prox-Secur offers practical and innovative solutions that meet all your Health and Safety needs. We have been on the market since 2017 and have been part of the Canado Nacan group, a reference in the field for more than forty years now. Our vision being to accelerate the world’s transition towards improved health and safety, we are therefore delighted to announce our alliance with new and trusted international partners. (more…)

Are you compliant for your snow removal on your roofs?

The winter period is fast approaching and it is already time to think about removing snow from your roof. Generally, it is recommended to call in a qualified professional who knows the best techniques and has the necessary materials for this. He will be able to carry out the work in complete safety and without damaging the structure. However, you can also complete the mission yourself, under one condition: you are well equipped. So are you compliant for snow removal from your roofs? (more…)

Discover our Ladder Stabilizer System

Our Ladder Stabilizer System is an essential safety equipment to reduce the risk of falling from a height when you have to climb onto the roof for maintenance, inspection or cleaning routines and need to descend from it using a ladder. What should I know about this type of device and where to buy it? (more…)

Know everything about non-penetrating roof guards

Safety is paramount for all work on the site. Reinforced measures must be taken when these are carried out at height. The installation of free-standing guardrails is therefore strongly recommended, especially for renovations or roof cleaning. At Prox-Secur, we offer diverse models at reasonable prices. Find out what you need to know about them. (more…)

Protect your employees by securing your machines

The use of machines in an industrial environment can expose workers to more or less serious dangers such as splashing dangerous products, burns or mechanical accidents. It is therefore essential to secure this equipment in order to offer employees a pleasant and safe working environment, and thus optimize their productivity. (more…)

Why invest in anti-collision systems?

An anti-collision system is a safety device intended to limit or prevent collisions between vehicles and pedestrians in an industrial area. It is used, among other things, to warn the driver of the presence of a passer-by nearby and vice versa when visibility is poor (in a curve, for example) so that everyone can take the necessary measures. Why invest in these accessories? (more…)
Promotion on floor marking tools for your premises

What are the new technologies at Solutions Prox-Secur?

Industrial zones expose workers to dangers which are sometimes even fatal: collisions between machines, collisions between vehicles and pedestrians or even the risk of falling. It is therefore essential to take specific measures and install various equipment to ensure the safety of employees. Solutions Prox-Secur precisely offers practical and innovative industrial security solutions. (more…)

Are you looking for a solution: Site stopped? Need to clear snow in EMERGENCY?

Snow removal from roofs is a relatively complicated operation, especially if you have to do it yourself, in an emergency or not. This task presents risks that should not be overlooked as the work is carried out at height. Either way, it is essential to preserve the integrity of your roof and the structure of your home. Fortunately, there is a solution perfectly suited to this kind of situation: the Delta Prévention ladder stabilizer available from Prox-Secur, for an efficient and safe intervention. <! - more ->

Easy installation

The Delta Prevention ladder stabilizer is specially designed for quick and easy installation. The accessory does not require any specific fitting out of the building. In particular, it is not necessary to make holes to fix it. When working on a roof with a parapet, the ladder stabilizer has a clamping system for a very precise adjustment. On the other hand, in the absence of a parapet, the clamping system becomes a point of support allowing the stabilizer to hang on the edge of the roof. The stabilizer is equipped with a counterweight heavy enough to ensure perfect balance. The weights are anchored at the end of the guardrails.

Safe use

With this ladder stabilizer, you no longer have to worry about the risk of accidental slipping. Indeed, hooks are firmly attached to the front and offer the possibility of safely installing a standard ladder. Say goodbye to relatively unsafe devices like a rope or rubber band to secure the ladder to the building. When you are at the top of the building, you are safe thanks to the presence of the guardrails to direct you towards the center of the roof. While this can restrict the workspace, you can work safely.